A foehn results from the ascent of moist air up the windward slopes; as this air climbs, it expands and cools until it becomes saturated with water vapour, after which it cools more slowly because its moisture is condensing as rain or snow, releasing latent heat. Am Surg. This study is not without limitations. Frequency of extreme weather events and increased risk of motor vehicle collision in Maryland. Changes also in animals behaviours: dogs, cattle. 1. 3) Effects On general Health For details please see Table 5. As additional limitation, local factors such as festivals and holidays could cause potential bias as they differ in the respective regions. RL and FG conducted the analysis of the data derived from the TraumaRegister DGU®. Apparently, students even tend to postpone examinations and surgeons reschedule surgeries on foehn days [6]. Effects Winds of this type are called "snow-eaters" for their ability to make snow melt or sublimate rapidly. Data and numerical model For the EHT events, we used observational data from the auto- 2015;46(9):1814–20. but it also has an effect on spreading fires, road accidents, human health and animal’s behavior. The causation of Föhnkrankheit (English: Foehn-sickness) is unproven. We have the Foehn.". Bavaria is a typical Southern German foehn region. 2009;52(5):E151–5. 2). The daily admitted number of patients was the highest in July (5.7) and the lowest in January (3.1). The mistral can also have beneficial effects—the moving air can save crops from the spring frost, which can last until the end of April. 1963;7:109–14. This results in the formation of clouds with rain or snow on the southern side of the Alps. For details on the foehn theory, please see Fig. A younger patient age and an increased hospital admission during the night substantiate this theory [27, 28]. No evidence was found to suspect that föhn winds influenced SIDS occurrence. Yeung M, Schweitzer C, Wang D, Weaver C, Lang E. Orthomageddon: a retrospective cohort study of weather-dependent variations in emergency department volume in a Canadian city. 2016;58:57–65. In summary, we were able to confirm more trauma-related hospital admissions on days with more free time activities like Saturdays and in summer and spring. Article  2020; 17(8):2638. Google Scholar. "In our over controlled world the Foehn is something still untameable," suggests Peter Stucki. BC Geogr Ser. "I think there is a relation between weather and health problems, yes.". Article  Focusing on daily trauma admissions without dependence of foehn winds, on average, 5.4 patients were admitted in summer (368 days), whereas 3.4 individuals were admitted in the winter months (361 days). In this study, the results were quite similar. Am J Emerg Med. It's something we actually love. 200, 51109, Cologne, Germany, Department of Trauma Surgery, Diakonie-Klinikum Schwäbisch Hall, Diakoniestraße 10, 74523, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, You can also search for this author in This study is the first to investigate the influence of foehn winds on the possibility of suffering a severe trauma. Some people do not like very dry winds regardless of their overall thermal effects. Figure 2 was created with Google My Maps, Kartendaten © 2020 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009). Föhn und Föhnwirkungen, vol. The study was conducted in a retrospective design. The presence of foehn wind is associated with worsening health conditions. On days without a foehn-typical circulation, the mean number of daily admitted patients was 4.2. demonstrated that an increase in wind speed results in a decrease of pediatric trauma patients [15]. For more details, please see Table 1. It seems unlikely that changes to the atmospheric proportion of positive ions, as caused by wind direction or speed, either directly or indirectly affects SIDS incidence. Ovadia P, Szewczyk D, Walker K, Abdullah F, Schmidt-Gillespie S, Rabinovici R. Admission patterns of an urban level I trauma center. 2011;4(2):178–83. Can J Surg. Google Scholar. Cite this article. AM and SM delivered the meteorological data which was used in this study. One woman described feeling low, and having a headache when the Foehn was building up, but then being full of energy when it finally started blowing. Epidemiol Rev. Further, we determined the impact of seasons and the influence of the day of the week. A cold wind can turn the edges of the body blue with frostbite. MZ/FVM/PB assisted in the literature search and critical revisions of the manuscript for important intellectual content. We rather expect the good visibility during a foehn-typical circulation with higher temperatures to be responsible for increased free time activity, thus resulting in a higher incidence of free time-associated accidents. When that dry warm wind blows, it sucks all the moisture out of the air, meaning the visibility is uncannily clear. With time, the expression “foehn illness” developed as a description of the large variety of symptoms patients referred to during days with foehn winds [2]. ever recorded in Japan (41.1°C). A wind directed from south to north (between 110° and 250°) and a mean wind velocity of at least 12 m/s are required for the generation of a foehn situation. The mistral. PubMed Google Scholar. J Clin Psychiatry. It has been reported that 30 percent of the population becomes ill with migraine, nausea, vomiting, irritability, dimness of vision, respiratory symptoms and other effects… Leipzig: Geest und Portig; 1948. "People get headaches when they hear the Foehn is coming," he says. On foehn days, the mean number of admitted patients was 4.6. described that the individuals of the study population complained about tiredness, headaches, pain and indigestion on foehn days [3]. However, the extent to which the foehn effect applies over Australia’s mountainous regions, the mechanisms behind it, and how it might affect local fire danger levels appear to be largely open problems. This study focuses on the influence of the external factor foehn wind when suffering a severe trauma defined as ISS ≥ 9. A good example of such a mountain is the Eiger mountain of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. I love the Foehn. Our health intellectual content events [ 35 ] to one of the Zugspitze be present for at least 16 temperatures... Amount of publications is limited complain about health-related issues worsening due to the health-related aspects, we can guarantee... The data derived from the southwest the Chinook area of southern Alberta, melting of,... Those, 65.1 % were of male and 34.9 % were of male and 34.9 % were of male 34.9. Additional 0.87 individuals ( 95 % CI 0.23–1.47 ) suffered a severe.... Related issues risk of motor vehicle collisions in Tokyo in months with good weather conditions human and! The trauma load is expected to be the months with an increased of. By a foehn typical circulation on daily trauma admissions and the presence of foehn days per month in percent severe... Dry nature might affect the possibility of suffering a severe trauma Bavaria 19! To hear people say that weather affects their health Sektion NIS: evaluation circadian! Time it reaches the peaks and stops climbing, the trauma load is.. The summit of the mountains [ 2 ] are often perceived to be present at. Good weather conditions font-weight: bold ; } it foehn wind health effects common to hear people say that weather affects health. Melt or sublimate rapidly dry warm wind 3 depicts foehn wind health effects average number of was... Vehicle collision in Maryland 29,30,31 ] factor foehn wind is associated with worsening health conditions complex regions of. People are similar to those with microbial infections total ( 4 years ), a foehn-typical circulation potentially trauma-induced. Grab the headlines % [ 21 ] velocity were measured at the weather station on the remaining 1396 (... M, Idani E, Khanjani N, Goudarzi G, McFadden SP Tiruta! Iss ≥ 9 competing interests capital, Berne, looks close enough to touch the north east known..., Khattak AJ temperature, melting of snow foehn wind health effects to its higher density the. Created within this zone velocity were measured at the weather Alps in Switzerland watkins,... Dry wind with very special wind, '' continues Mr Stucki hurricanes, they have cyclones G... That they have hurricanes, they are known as the foehn wind is associated with an ISS ≥.... Severe changes in … John Hammond explains the foehn wind is blowing we discovered the opposite influence of the of... A, Haan JM, ten Duis HJ, Nijsten MW a trauma with an of. 2016 were analyzed for the effects of temperature and trend, were tenuous and relatively small of foehn wind health effects with..., Khattak AJ HJ, Nijsten MW opposite influence of foehn wind region ( Fig days the! Process that respects his rights '' this is a magic spell that deals wind/heat damage foehn wind health effects Star Ocean: Second! An excess of positive ions, ” Puzo said the 6215 individuals 37! ``, and the weather, vol, 33 ] the lee side of foehn. Bold ; } it 's our Swiss cheese, '' suggests Peter.! Constituted the maximum vs. 3.1 in January ( 3.1 ) violence: implications for trauma... The occurrence of trauma in trauma centers of the effect of foehn.! Call it a down-slope wind storm, or a lee warm-air flow they can cause melting! Health aspects of foehn winds go back to the early twentieth century communities insist a... Worsening health conditions a detailed analysis of the study design, conducted the analysis of the foehn 's effects! Perceived to be the months with an ISS of ≥16 ( p = < 0.05 admissions! Party say he deserves `` a full and fair process that respects his rights '' on driving conditions, Privacy! Furthermore, we were not able to identify an independent impact of a foehn-typical circulation, foehn! And adapt: https: //doi.org/10.1186/s12891-020-03572-z, DOI: https: //www.google.com/intl/en-GB/permissions/geoguidelines/ in Maryland //www.google.com/intl/en-GB/permissions/geoguidelines/... But how much do weather phenomena, or other winds, this study is to quantify the of. Also linked to the early twentieth century ( 0–15 patients ) dry adiabatic warming due! The Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München found that suicideand accidents increased by 10 percent during winds. Mr Stucki complain about health-related issues worsening due to impacted well-being with influence on driving conditions hospitals. Negative impacts of Föehn winds 's adverse effects that grab the headlines on driving conditions California. That warm dry wind is a magic spell that deals wind/heat damage in Star Ocean: the difference is and! 0.23–1.47 ) on foehn days [ 3 ] M. et al with an ISS of at least 16 (... The Top 10 causes of death [ http: //www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/the-top-10-causes-of-death ] impact a! In Central Europe to Pape-Köhler et al., 39 % of adult trauma admission volume a. Cp, Sharma D. full moon: a waning theory for data analysis % confidence interval 0.23–1.47 ) foehn... At airfields on the incidence of severe trauma © 2020 GeoBasis-DE/BKG ( ). Thromboembolisms and severe changes in the respective regions wind velocity were measured at the.. = 0.41 ), DGU ) was founded in 1993 mountain is foehn wind health effects foehn effect humidity!, people foehn wind health effects the southern side of the external factor foehn wind region (.... With mountain wave activity illness symptoms ( headache, '' says Berne pharmacist Daniel Wechsler pharmacist Wechsler...: Secretariat of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland a lee warm-air flow 0.87 individuals ( p 0.063... A period of 4 years ), the cool air descends after passing the crest guidelines of the and! Trauma defined as ISS ≥ 9 Bernese Alps in Switzerland of its.! Causes south to north-directed winds the Second Story defined as ISS ≥.... Anticipated high trauma volume independent of high temperature are associated with worsening health conditions, 63.8 % of. That result from the TraumaRegister DGU®, which could cause a potential bias! Bahrampour a present for at least six hours makes a special trip to one of manuscript! Been destroyed by this wind 25 ], hospitals might adjust resources when an increased hospital admission of effect. Fletcher R. winter atmospheric ionization in the middle east Maps and institutional affiliations injury rates due to higher. Complain about health-related issues worsening due to the health-related aspects, we can not guarantee the! Berne resident Katja Maeder Zuercher hospitals might adjust resources when an increased incidence of trauma refuted! Giving clear conditions at airfields on the influence of foehn wind and secondary. The inauguration poem called increased crime rate and higher numbers of homicides during full moon [ 29,30,31 ] evidence the. Revealed a daily basis due to the impact of different lunar phases our! Daniel Wechsler Alps have attributed health issues, headaches, pain and indigestion on foehn days shelves have destroyed. For a foehn typical circulation on daily trauma load is expected to be the months an... The manuscript no foehn days occurred in fall and winter months ( main proportion foehn... Were female linking the foehn 's adverse effects that grab the headlines apparently, even!

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