There are two species known to be living and doing well in areas of South America. If the snake is … View Comments Love Flickr / Princess Lodges. Rattlesnake – Genus: Crotalus. This is why they do so well in the desert areas as well. Prairie Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake, Viridis, Nuntius: Hopi Rattlesnake, Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, Viridis: Western Rattlesnake, Prairie Rattlesnake Prairie Rattlesnake. An assessment of the harvest of Prairie Rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis) during the Sharon Springs rattlesnake roundups in 2000 and 2001, and an investigation of unexploited populations within the Smoky Valley Ranch, in Logan County, Kansas. Grizzlies are one of the most common wilderness threats in Wyoming. Approximately 125,000 western diamondback rattlesnakes are harvested each year to be killed during sensationalistic displays and events at rattlesnake roundups. Rattlesnakes (along with copperheads and cottonmouths) are … Young rattlesnakes are born with a prebutton, a rattle segment at the tip of their tail. The prairie rattlesnake, meanwhile, made its appearance on the other side of the state, in the Broken Kettle Grasslands not far from Sioux City. They range from border to border in the western half of the Great Plains states and into the Rocky Mountain states from Montana to New Mexico. The Prairie Rattlesnake is the only venomous snake native to South Dakota. They prefer regions that are very warm and dry. The snake has a … The Prairie Rattlesnake is a heavy-bodied pit viper. They are afraid of you, and prairie rattlesnakes, most commonly found in Northern Colorado, are the least aggressive rattlesnake. Prairie Rattlesnakes are tan, brown or greenish and they can grow up to 45 inches with darker-brown blotches along their backs. All other South Dakota snakes are born with a pointed tail. While conservationists are happy they are back, many Wyomingites aren't thrilled with how large the wolf population has grown. It is tan in colour with darker bands or blotches along its back and dark tail rings which are usually olive to brown. ():46 Fogell said the last population count indicates there are roughly 300 adult Timber Rattlesnakes in the general area occupying 12 den sites. Flickr / Andrew DuBois. The prairie rattlesnake has the largest range of any rattlesnake in the country. Grizzly Bear. Additionally, events such as rattlesnake roundups have contributed to population declines and local population extinctions due to excessive harvesting and hunting. The largest population of the Rattlesnake is found in Arizona and on down into Mexico. 6.

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