One Piece Encyclopédie est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Anime. One Piece - PirateKing: Fansubs y Scanlations, el lugar de los auténticos piratas. Igaram is a character from one piece. After Crocodile's defeat, Igaram was grateful to the crew for their actions and helped provide shelter for them from the Marines. ↑ a b One Piece-Manga - Der Anfang der Legende (Band 12) - Kapitel 106 ~ Igaram wird vorgestellt. [29] Igaram later stood by Cobra's bedside and smiling as the king read the newspaper. He is also Terracotta's husband. Igaram asked Vivi to give him the Eternal Pose to Arabasta and explained what it was to Nami before revealing that he would be setting off for Arabasta with three dummies called Henohenounchi (へのへのうんち, Henohenounchi? Pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy assembles a motley crew -- a swordsman, a navigator, a chef and an inventor -- to find the way into the Grand Line. After he and his fellow agents at Whisky Peak were defeated by Zoro, Igaram told Nami about Baroque Works and begged Nami to ensure Vivi's safely returned to her kingdom. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. )[21] and pretend to be Vivi and the Straw Hats, which would cause their pursuers to follow him instead. Wallpapers, gifs, anime, manga, descargas, juegos y mucho más en inglés y castellano Taille : [32], The Arabasta Kingdom participants later arrived at Mary Geoise. He looks like a tall man with an oval face on which a small red nose stands out. Si infiltrò nella Baroque Works, come Mr. 8, insieme a Bibi e si unì ai cacciatori di taglie di Whiskey Peak. Ein merkwürdiges Duell Episode 066 Beschreibung anzeigen. He was partnered with Miss Monday. Igaram a une tenue semblable à un aristocrate. After Nami sent Zoro off to protect Vivi, Igaram noted that it would be the end of Arabasta if anything happened to Vivi. View, comment, download and edit one piece Minecraft skins. Alive After the timeskip, Igaram has a small mustache. 48 (debut)50 (after timeskip)[4] Er trägt meistens Anzüge, die an jene der vornehmen … Igaram tends to worry over Vivi's antics during the journey to Levely at Mary Geoise. Biodata dan profil lengkap Igaram (One Piece). Arabasta;[2] Baroque Works[3] (former)[2] Igaram fait son retour à Alabasta avec Kappa, un jeune garçon qui révèle la vérité et met fin à la guerre, une fois le Capitaine Corsaire Crocodile vaincu par Luffy. One Piece. As an ensemble cast, each member of this seafaring party has their own role to play, each talent benefiting the mini-ecosystem within the Thousand Sunny. As Igaram expressed his confidence that Vivi would be able to save their kingdom, his ship was blown up by Miss All-Sunday, seemingly killing him. Toda vez que perde a voz, pratica a vocalização bizarra com "Mahma Maru ♪". Thierry Janssen(64-129)Philippe Roullier(292,512)François Créton(324,407). 6 Décembre[1] Odex English VA: Affiliations: Later, at the port, Igaram told Vivi to take care on her dangerous journey ahead before setting sail. Igaram is extremely loyal to Vivi and he is prepared to give his life for her. Luffy asked Igaram. As Arabasta suffered due to Crocodile's machinations, Igaram and Vivi infiltrated his organization in order to uncover his identity. Travestendosi da Bibi, riesce tuttavia a depistare la Baroque Works, permettendo alla principessa di fare ritorno ad Alabasta. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Whisky Peak, Igaram greeted them under the guise of Igarappoi and invited them to party with the townsfolk. Igaram disguised as Vivi at her coming of age ceremony. After the timeskip Igaram was seen with a small mustache. In a filler scene in the Ruluka Island Arc, Igaram placing Rainbow Mist Volume X on a shelf in Arabasta. So, are you guys ready to hear my request?" Seeing this, Igaram assumed that the Marines had made a mistake in assigning the 30,000,000 bounty to Luffy and that it was actually Zoro's bounty. Mar 14, 2013 - Igaram is the captain of the Alabasta royal guard (captain of Alabasta security in the English dub). Igaram's post-timeskip concept art from the anime. Brian Zimmerman However, Igaram soon got up while noting he could not simply die here before completing his mission, only to be surprised when Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine appeared behind him. However, they were interrupted by Roronoa Zoro, who asked them to let the Straw Hats continue sleeping and claimed that a true swordsman never allows alcohol to control him when an incredulous Igaram asked him how he was awake after drinking so much. He was later surprised to read in a newspaper that Nico Robin joined the crew. Lui et la princesse Vivi ont infiltré Baroque Works afin d'apprendre la véritable identité de Mr 0, le chef de l'organisation. Unknown イガラム Igaram ; Kanji: イガラム ; Alcunha: Mr. 8 ; Aniversário: 06 de dezembro ; Capitão da Guarda do Reino de Alabasta, que se infiltrou na Baroque Works como oficial e estava investigando a identidade do Mr. 0 (Crocodilo). ... One Piece: Nenmatsu Tokubetsu Kikaku! Igaram Accueil / Igaram. Il a désormais une petite moustache et a toujours la même coupe. Capone Bege ingin membentuk aliansi dengan Big Mom, seorang … December 6[5] Alias: 15 Franquicia: One Piece Nombre personaje: Igaram Versión: Materiales: PVC +34 657 462 591 [email protected] Contacte con nosotros Idioma: Occupations: Funi English VA: Postacie Z Disneya. [2] He aided Nefertari Vivi in infiltrating Baroque Works as a Frontier Agent and took on the codename Mr. She has long blond hair and so full of curls that it looks more like a sixteenth century wig. 2017-11-13 - pell and Igaram one piece - Google Search. He is also extremely worried about her when her life is threatened and in those cases can be very overprotective.[8]. In the English dub version of the One Piece anime by 4Kids Entertainment Igaram was first voiced by an unknown voice actor. Tout le monde est surpris par son retour, car les habitants pensaient qu'il était mort lors de l'attaque de son navire à Whiskey Peak. 2017-11-13 - pell and Igaram one piece - Google Search. The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities. The curls in his hair also look similar to the number 8.[1]. [3] He is also Terracotta's husband. 2m18[2] Heiser alias Mr. 8 alias Igaram bittet Nami und Zorro, Prinzessin Vivi von Alabasta sicher in ihr Königreich zurück zu bringen, da Mr. 5 und Miss Valentine ihr dicht auf den Fersen sind. C'est alors que Miss All Sunday fait exploser son bateau, le laissant présumé mort. He shares the same Japanese and 4kids dub voice actors with. . Statut : Igaram reprimanded Miss Monday for judging the strength of the Straw Hats based on their appearance alone before telling her, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday to tie them up and confiscate all valuables from their ship. Igaram est marié à Terracotta qui lui ressemble beaucoup. One Piece: Strong World. Żył wtedy również pewien chłopiec podziwiający piratów - Monkey D. Luffy, który pewnego dnia przez pomyłkę zjadł diableski owoc i zmienił się w człowieka-gumę. Igaram (イガラム Igaramu?) Popular Quizzes Today. [1], Under the guise of Mr. 8, he dressed like a gentleman. After they achieved this due to Nico Robin (also known as Miss All Sunday) allowing this, Crocodile took action against them and sent agents to eliminate them. [26], After the events of Enies Lobby, Igaram noticed that Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates while looking at the Straw Hats' new wanted posters. 48 ans (au début) 50 ans (après ellipse)[2] Igaram "Mr. 8, Igarappoi" Edit Character Information. ONE PIECE. add Supporting. However, his success in one universe does not guarantee it in another. When the duo insulted the performance of the defeated agents, an angered Igaram asked them if they had only come to laugh, and was surprised when Mr. 5 refused to help them defeat Zoro. 8. Igaram est vu s'inquiétant après l'exécution de Gol D. Roger, 22 ans avant le début de la série. Jun 13, 2019 - Name: Igaram Affiliations: Alabasta Kingdom One Piece, Eiichiro Oda Check out my gallery for more characters: [link] Igaram [19], Shocked by such an enormous sum of money being requested, Igaram admitted that he could not guarantee this amount because he was only a single soldier. He finally caught up with the rebellion carrying a witness, Kappa, who saw Mr. 2 Bon Kurei removed his disguise as Nefertari Cobra, the king of Arabasta, which was proof that the rebellion was started by Baroque Works and not by the king. Igaram's pre-timeskip concept art from the anime. 10 Could Beat - Wapol He and Princess Vivi infiltrated Baroque Works and manage to become Frontier Agents in order to learn the organization's true boss and objectives. Nom Japonais : Manga pre-timeskip Auffällig dabei ist sein bulliger Oberkörper, im Vergleich zu seinem Kopf, sowie Armen und Beinen; seine Füße sind allerdings im Verhältnis dazu sogar noch gewaltiger. When Zoro mentioned Baroque Works by name and explained how he was scouted out by one of its members before, Igaram proclaimed that they must kill him if he knew their secret and ordered the bounty hunters to attack, only to find Zoro was gone. Anime post-timeskip Chapter 106; Episode 64[1] [30], As the time for Levely approached, Igaram accompanied the Nefertari Family to Mary Geoise alongside Chaka, Karoo, and Pell. With a total of 99 reported filler episodes, One Piece has a very low filler percentage of 10%. add Supporting. Height: One Piece Film: Strong World Episode 0. add Supporting. He is also good with disguises. Romanized Name: Japanese VA: Character is … One Piece. Żył wtedy również pewien chłopiec podziwiający piratów - Monkey D. Luffy, który pewnego dnia przez pomyłkę zjadł diableski owoc i zmienił się w człowieka-gumę. Manga post-timeskip Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The majority of the characters are human, but the cast also includes giants, mermen and mermaids, fish-men, sky people, and minks, among others. Il accompagne souvent Vivi pour la protéger, et l'a notamment suivi dans sa phase d'infiltration dans Baroque Works, où il a occupé la position d'agent officier Mr 8, sa partenaire étant Miss Monday. Henohenounchi, dummies made by Igaram, were "born" on February 19. After Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine revealed that they had been sent to dispatch spies from a certain kingdom who had infiltrated Baroque Works, Igaram wondered if this was the end, and when Mr. 5 was about to reveal the names of the spies, Igaram attacked him with Igarappappa before telling Vivi to run away. Voix Japonaise : Reflecting his codename Mr. 8, he has the number 8 at the tips of his collar. Igaram est le Capitaine de la Garde Royale du royaume d'Alabasta. Combatte con un sassofono che spara quando viene suonato, e ha anche piccole pistole nei capelli. Under the guise of Mr. 8, he dressed like a gentleman. Igaram takes very good care of Vivi to a point that he is like a second father to her. Ils arrivent à être promus au poste de Frontier Agent et apprennent enfin que le vrai nom de Mr 0 est Crocodile, un des 7 Capitaines Corsaires et véritable héros national de Alabasta. He is very loyal to Vivi and is always prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect her. add Supporting. Member Favorites: 3 Igaram One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy who became a rubber man after accidently eating a Devil Fruit. Occupations : Retrouvez toutes les infos sur figurines de One Piece classées par fabricants, gammes, versions, années et même par personnage : Każda licząca się załoga piracka starała się odszukać wspaniały, ukryty skarb - One Piece, pozostawiony przez legendarnego Króla Piratów, Gold Rogera. He aided Nefertari Vivi in infiltrating Baroque Works and took on the codename Mr. 8. Sa femme se nomme Terracotta. [23], After the defeat of Crocodile, Igaram arrived at Nanohana (which appeared to be what Robin intended). Rob Mungle, Igaram[6] is the captain of the Arabasta royal guard (captain of Arabasta security in the English dub). He also sported a black coat, over a spotted light colored shirt, under a sash around his stomach, which is striped around the edges. Igaram survived and he returned to his kingdom to reveal Baroque Works' ploy to the people. Corsaires et Shishibukaïs, tout un bordel ! He fights with a saxophone that shoots bullets when played,[9] and he also has small guns hidden in his hair that fire when he pulls on his neck tie.[10]. Birthday: After the timeskip, laughing, Igaram showed Pell and Chaka the newspaper article about the Straw Hats while the two men were being fitted for new clothes for the upcoming Levely. One Piece is the beloved anime series focused on the adventures and misadventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat crew. Status: Age: [24], Igaram posed as Vivi, during a speech to the people of Arabasta, so she could sneak away secretly to say goodbye to the Straw Hats.[25]. [16] After Vivi failed to finish Zoro off due to Karoo's misdirection, Igaram attacked Zoro with Igarappa again, but Zoro cut a hole in the roof he was standing on to dodge, which led Igaram to decide to show Zoro his true strength. Igaram One Piece - Hello friend Anime Girl, In the article that you read this time with the title Igaram One Piece, we have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. Igaram. After the Straw Hats agreed to escort Vivi back to Arabasta, Igaram decided to use himself as a decoy only to be seemingly killed in an explosion. Si infiltra nella Baroque Works insieme a Nefertari Bibi sotto l'identità di Mr. 8, ma, smascherato, viene attaccato da Nico Robin. Dessa maneira, compilamos tudo o que você precisa saber sobre a chegada no streaming. Miss Monday dressed in a nun costume that hid her muscular body and Igaram had guns hidden in the rolls of his hair and in his saxophone. hopefully the post content what we write can make you understand.Happy reading. He tends to dress like a gentleman and in some cases wears a mustache. [27], After Luffy's second appearance in Marineford, King Cobra and Igaram listened to Pell and Chaka's report about driving away the pirates that were attacking the country.[28]. He also sported a black coat, over a spotted light colored shirt, u… イガラム "Mr. 8"(ミスター・エイト) (Misutā Eito, "Mr. Por sua vez, o serviço já afirmou que a segunda temporada será disponibilizada. è il capo della guardia reale. Whenever his voice gets tired, he clears it by going "Ma~ma~ma~" ("Mi~mi~mi~" in the English manga) like an opera singer. ↑ a b One Piece-Manga - Vivis Abenteuer (Band 23) - Kapitel 213 ~ Nami und Vivi werden beim Baden beobachtet. [33], After Mjosgard stopped Charlos from enslaving Shirahoshi, Igaram stood next to the Neptune Family as Mjosgard promised Neptune that he would protect Shirahoshi during the Levely.[34]. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Kisah cinta di One Piece dari pasangan yang berbahagia berikutnya adalah Capone Bege dan Chiffon.. Secara mengejutkan, seorang Supernova dengan konsep Mafia ini justru memiliki hubungan romansa yang paling bahagia dibandingkan beberapa Bajak Laut lain.. Awalnya, pernikahan Capone Bege dan Chiffon terjadi karena terpaksa. Marca: Banpresto Línea de producto: WCF TV 125 vol. Igaram disguised as Vivi at Whisky Peak in. Igaram is a tall man with a small red nose and has blonde hair in a style that resembles a powdered wig. Après son retour, il se travestit une fois de plus en Vivi malgré lui, lors d'un discours que la princesse devait dire à la foule. 1 résultat affiché ... Site crée et entretenu par un passionné de Figurines One Piece ! Captain of the Royal Guard;[2] Frontier Agent[3] (former);[2] Bounty Hunter (former); Mayor of Whisky Peak[1] (undercover, former)[2] When asked about the status of the pirates, Igaram stated they had fallen to Hell. D’ailleurs, Zoro dit "qui se ressemble s'assemble" en parlant d'Igaram et de Terracotta. Release year: 1999. Igaram a une tenue semblable à un aristocrate. Episode 128 24m. When Igaram asked Luffy if he had decided to take Vivi back to Arabasta, Luffy agreed to do so. Igaram: Igaram è il capo della guardia reale, superiore di Chaka e Pell. Personnages présents dans une Mini-Aventure, One Piece: Maboroshi no Grand Line Boukenhen, Épisode d'Alabasta : Les Pirates et la Princesse du Désert,, Son doubleur japonais fait également la voix de, Avant qu'Igaram commence à parler, il dit : Mamamama, ce sont des échauffements que font les chanteurs. Nom Romanisé : Nami noted that he was asking them to save Vivi first, but Igaram proclaimed that there was no time to negotiate because Vivi's life was currently in danger. X[4] * DIVULGATION : Certains des liens ci-dessus sont des liens d'affiliation, ce qui signifie que, sans frais supplémentaires pour vous, Fandom percevra une commission si vous cliquez et effectuez un achat.Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. Il veille sur la princesse Nefertari Vivi depuis qu'elle est toute petite et la considère comme sa propre fille. Igaram Igaram protects Vivi after their identity is discovered. ... Igaram has a young witness from Nanohana explain that an imposter was pretending to be Cobra. Statistics [20], After the Straw Hats were informed of Mr. 0's identity by Vivi, Igaram showed up while dressed as Vivi and informed them that Baroque Works would be sending assassins after them now that they knew this secret, especially since they were able to defeat Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine. Zapisano z [18] However, Igaram regained consciousness and found Zoro, whom he begged to protect Vivi in his stead before promising that he would be greatly rewarded by the kingdom of Arabasta for doing so. Japanese Name: En effet lorsque l'équipage au Chapeau de Paille rencontre celle-ci pour la première, il la prenne pour Igaram. Sujet: Re: Astuce Pour Igaram Mar 31 Jan - 19:45 Ouais,mais bon on gagne 300b mini quand on réussis donc ... je précise que on peut faire des missions d'igaram en attendant 25 min (comme le panda sauf que le panda c'est 10 min). They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Shoulders length. Każda licząca się załoga piracka starała się odszukać wspaniały, ukryty skarb - One Piece, pozostawiony przez legendarnego Króla Piratów, Gold Rogera. [11] As the celebrations progressed, Igaram proclaimed that the Straw Hats' happiness was all that mattered to them.[12]. One Piece Igaram / Mr. 8 David Wills, Rob Mungle, Brian Zimmerman are the English dub voices of Igaram / Mr. 8 in One Piece, and Keiichi Sonobe is the Japanese voice. However, he was defeated by Mr. 5, who hit him with an explosion. After Miss Monday arrived and began bickering with Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday over their failure to obtain whale meat for the town, Igaram told them to calm down before showing them Monkey D. Luffy's bounty of 30,000,000, which shocked the trio. Igaram's abilities are based on firearms hidden in non-conspicuous places on his person. Luffy replied as he glanced to his side and saw some of the bounty hunters waking back up, including Mr.9, Igaram, Miss Wednesday, and Miss Monday. One Piece is an ongoing anime series that started in 1999. Épithète : Keiichi Sonobe La Gazette #34 : Donquichotte Rossinante! Igaram Many of the characters possess supernatural abilities gained by eating so-called "… [3] He was partnered with Miss Monday. Il a pris l'étrange habitude de se travestir pour jouer les doublures de la princesse Vivi. Igaram cheering over the news about the Straw Hats' return after the timeskip. Affiliations : Igaram se bat avec un saxophone qui tire des balles dès qu'il joue. Igaram has a unique way of speaking. Title : Igaram One Piece link : Igaram One Piece Les bigoudis de sa chevelure cachent aussi des mitraillettes qu'il actionne en tirant sur sa cravate. Igaram 22 ans avant sa rencontre avec Luffy. 2017-11-13 - pell and Igaram one piece - Google Search. [15] Igaram told Mr. 9 and Vivi that they had a matter of responsibility to worry about after being defeated to this extent by only one swordsman before attacking Zoro with Igarappa. At the socializing plaza in the Pangaea Castle, Igaram noticed that Vivi was getting along well with the Mermaid Princess. Keiichi Sonobe So far 961 episodes of One Piece have been aired. Âge : C'est un homme de principe et d'étique entièrement dévoué à sa tâche. How to Play Forced Order. From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Chapitre 106 ; Épisode 64 As the head of the Arabasta Royal Guards, Igaram has command over the entire force under the Nefertari family, leaving his position of power to Chaka while absent. Vivant [3], Sur le chemin de la Rêverie, Igaram reçoit les nouvelle des exploits de Luffy sur l'Archipel Totto Land.[4]. [22], Igaram survived the incident at Whisky Peak and hurried back to Arabasta in order to stop the civil war. Igaram is a character from the anime One Piece. Ses cheveux ressemblent aux perruques portées par ces derniers entre le XVIe et le XVIIIe siècle. Informations However, Zoro threw Mr. 9 into Vivi and launched himself toward Igaram using Luffy's stomach before cutting him down.[17]. by gabrielgtheriaul Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . After causing some of the bounty hunters to shoot each other, Zoro appeared behind Igaram with his sword in the latter's hair, causing the remaining bounty hunters to prepare to attack both of them, but Igaram blew the attackers away with Igarappa. Pembaca One Piece yang mengikuti manganya saat itu benar-benar ada yang mengira Igaram mati. Voix Française : Boa Hancock, ou les aléas de l'exagération. Au même moment, elle alla voir Luffy et ses compagnons afin de leur dire au revoir... Nous apercevons Igaram sur un navire, près des côtes d'Alabasta. Mangaography. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. ↑ One Piece-Manga - Ace (Band 18) - Kapitel 163 ~ Zusammen mit König Kobra verfolgt Igaram die junge Vivi. Official English Name: Były to czasy, gdy na morzach niepodzielnie rządzili piraci. Igaram Nom Français : Hearing this, Nami asked Igaram if they would reward the Straw Hats with 1,000,000,000. Pertama kali muncul sebagai agen Baroque Works yang menyamar menjadi walikot Igaram disguised as Vivi at Whisky Peak in the anime. [31], On the way to the Levely, Igaram received the news of Luffy's exploits at Totto Land. When Nami asked him if Vivi is worth less than this amount despite being the princess of Igaram's kingdom, Igaram told her that she could most likely negotiate with Vivi herself to receive this money after escorting her back to Arabasta. Après que l'organisation découvre que lui et Vivi sont en fait des espions, Igaram fait diversion afin d'aider la princesse à fuir de Whiskey Peak en se déguisant en Vivi. )[3] (former);"Igarappoi" (イガラッポイ, "Igarappoi"? [13], After Zoro disappeared, Igaram wondered if he was actually planning to take on all of them by himself. Debut: While taking the role as Mr. 8, Igaram acted as the superior to Vivi's cover identity of Miss Wednesday. Ses cheveux ressemblent aux perruques portées par ces derniers entre le XVIe et le XVIIIe siècle. The curls in his hair also look similar to the number 8. Can you pick the One Piece Characters? Mr. 8 and Frontier Agents of Whisky Peak gathered to capture the Straw Hat Pirates. Im Vergleich zu Ruffy ist Igaram ziemlich groß. He and his partner in Baroque Works have a "deception" theme. Vivi's antics caused Igaram to worry deeply for her. 36. Igaramu Alabasta "Looks like they're regaining consciousness. Capitaine de la garde royale He and Princess Vivi infiltrated Baroque Works and manage to become Frontier Agents in order to learn the organization's true boss and objectives. Anniversaire : Igaramu Były to czasy, gdy na morzach niepodzielnie rządzili piraci. Il fait partie de l'escorte qui accompagne la Princesse Nefertari Vivi et le Roi Nefertari Cobra, vers la Terre Sainte de Marie-Joie où doit se tenir une réunion importante, la Rêverie. )[1] As he is capable of becoming a frontier agent of Baroque Works, Igaram is considered to be a powerful fighter himself. Igaram looked around in a … 8"(ミスター・エイト)? Franchise: One Piece Igaram is the captain of the Alabasta Royal Guard and a former agent of Baroque Works known as Mr. 8. After the Straw Hats had all seemingly passed out or fallen asleep, Igaram looked at Cactus Mountain while telling them to sleep soundly before he was greeted by Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday, who called him a poet. This renders him a deadly antagonist and one that can overcome many of the series' heroes. Soon afterward, Mr. 9 managed to restrain Zoro and Vivi held Luffy hostage, allowing Igaram to attack Zoro with Igarappappa. Blood Type: Première Apparition: Relations Appears in One Piece (Series) Wan Piisu ワンピース わんぴーす by [14] When Miss Monday seemingly defeated Zoro, Igaram noted that the latter had made them waste a lot of him, only to be shocked when Zoro suddenly knocked Miss Monday out by squeezing her head with his hand. [7], Igaram is a tall man with a small red nose and has blonde hair in a style that resembles a powdered wig. Anime pre-timeskip A Netflix disponibilizou a primeira temporada de One Piece recentemente, e por consequência, os fãs já questionam, quando os novos arcos do anime serão disponibilizados. Igaram was initially hostile towards the Straw Hats while he was posing as Mr. 8 of Baroque Works.

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